Dehumidifier Type R-90HT

Dehumidifier Type R-90HT cocok digunakan untuk skala ruangan 20-120 m² sebagai contohnya digunakan di ruang perpustakaan untuk mengontrol kelembaban agar tidak terjadinya pertumbuhan jamur dan bakteri pada ruang perpustakaan anda. Type ini memiliki daya tampung dengan kapasitas humidity removal di 30ºC, 80% RH dan 90 liter/Day.


Kapasitas 90 liter/Day dengan Air Flow 850 CMH. Untuk pemesanan dan info lebih lanjut hubungi kami pada kolom Contact Us.


PT Inotek Pratama.

Type R-90HT
Power 220-240V~50Hz
Rated Power Input 1320 W
Rated Power Current 6.3 A
Unit Dimension (mm) 480 X 420 X 960 mm
Net Weight 50 KG
Gross Weight 55 KG
Applying Space 20-120 m²
The unit does not function • Check that the fuse in the plug is ok.
• Check the plug is inserted in mains and mains power is on.
• Is tank full light on? Check water tank and empty if necessary.
• Check if the float of the water tank is blocked by foreign material. Is the float of water tank correctly positioned?
• Is the unit standing upright and level?
Abnormal noises from the
• Check and clean the air filter
• Is the unit standing upright and on a level surface?
The unit leaks water • Has the unit been tipped?
• Check if the float of the water tank is blocked by foreign material.
Changes in temperature at the air outlet • Is the unit on “Standby” or “Normal” operation status?
• The internal heater of the appliance will be switched on/off automatically.
After the unit has been switched off, the fan motor is still running • After the unit stops, about two minutes are needed to cool down the electric heater by running the internal fan.
The water tank was not properly inserted into the unit • Make sure to insert the water tank in its right position.
• Is the float of the water tank correctly positioned?